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2006 Tiger Mask (4th) defeats Black Tiger (4th) in Tokyo to win NWA World & IWGP junior heavyweight titles.


1954 JWA promotes their first cards at Kuramae Kokugikan (old Sumo Hall) for three days. Masahiko Kimura and Yamaguchi also wrestle on the cards. The first day is aired by both NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation, the semi-govermental broadcasting network) and NTV (Nippon Television Network). NTV also aired the second and third days. The tag matches between Rikidozan & Kimura and the Sharp Brothers, main event of the first and the last days, are still talked about today. In front of the "street television" that NTV setup for people who couldn't afford television, there were thousands of people just to watch Rikidozan.

1968 After failing to take puroresu over, Great Togo splits with International Wrestling Enterprise. Four foreign wrestlers, including Lou Thesz, no-show the IWE cards.

1971 Mil Mascaras defeats Kantaro Hoshino in his first match in Japan

2009 The Great Sasuke is arrested for a physical assault against a fan who took a photo of Sasuke in a train without permission.

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